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'Spirit of Steamboat' by Craig Johnson.

The novella Spirit of Steamboat is a thank-you note to the Greatest Generation from a Wyoming rancher. It's also a hair-raising aerial adventure story wrapped within a charming mystery. Enclosed within are yarns of Wyoming history and a medical procedural. It's also A Christmas Carol for our times.

I can tell you a story about that, as author Craig Johnson would say.

Vickers Vimy Cockpit

A QuickTime VR Panorama movie from the cockpit of the Vickers Vimy. Use the left-right arrows to spin the point of view.

Vickers Vimy

A QuickTime VR Object movie of the Vickers Vimy. Use the left-right arrows to spin the Vimy.  Use the up-down arrows to zoom in and out of detail.

Heart Strings

I'm not the one to tell you what it is about the Irish, or the Irish fiddle. There's no hope to do that without a pedigree and aside from a great-great-great someone or another somewhere up the Anglo-Saxon family tree, I haven't got one. I'm an American mutt from the lower 48 with as much elan as a Walmart throw rug.

Spin the Budda

I recently created a QuickTime VR Object movie for Quality Furniture Restoration of one of the pieces they restored for a client.

It turned out rather well, I thought


It's an old, vague pilot superstition that fatal accidents tend to happen in groups of three.  I hate it when that seems to be true...

Inside the B-2 stealth bomber

One of the triumphs of the AIR&SPACE website was an opportunity to get inside the B-2 stealth bomber for a cockpit QTVR photo shoot. 


One of my fascinations is with the artwork of M.C. Escher.

Escher tried to portray infinite repeating patterns in a fixed space.

Fuel Flow in the Dark

Lindbergh was my hero.  Science was my copilot.  Delano, California was the origin, the KCAB Citabria was taking me home from an aerobatic contest.  Typically, one would land at Blythe for gas and make the flight two legs.  There was something of a tailwind and I had read about how if you get high and lean out the engine you get long range.

Beware of folder precedence for Drupal modules

It's important to keep Drupal modules up to date.  Drupal 6 is seeing a steady stream of revision releases now as bugs are fixed and security issues addressed.  But a subtle issue with module loading precedence  can cost time on what seems like a simple enough task.