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Easter present

The doorbell ring that pulled me from my focus on a client's website turned out to be my across-the-street neighbors with a couple of paper plates full of Easter Sunday dinner for a single guy not likely to prepare one for himself.

I was floored, honestly, as I don't expect that kind of neighborly kindness--although I probably should learn to.

The stuffing was still quite warm, so after thanking my culinary benefactors profusely, I set aside the MacBook Pro and set up the TV tray to convert the living room workstation to food-consumption mode and settled in after giving thanks to enjoy.

Reflexively, I turned on the TV to see if there was some palatable viewing to go with the unexpected Easter gift.

There was.

As it happened Tavis Smiley was on PBS, interviewing therapist and spiritual neuroscientist Mark Robert Waldman about his new book "How God Changes Your Brain".

The results of Waldman's research are profound.

He maintains as a result of his studies that engaging in contemplative spiritual practice can make permanent positive changes on the brain's structure and function.

That, for a hard-core engineering left-brain dominated mind, is the key that unlocks the door to consciousness shift.

It does so because it provides a basis for belief, something I also gained from talking with Ed Mitchell about the effects of the quantum hologram, but does so in an easier to swallow dose.

Waldman says that 12 minutes a day of specific exercises will, in 8 weeks, result in permanent changes to your brain structure and chemistry which result in increases in memory, cognition, compassion and suppress depression, anxiety, fear, anger and rage.  Waldman seems close to finding the seat of consciousness in the brain.

This is science that does spirituality some good.

The recursive benefit is that when the mind/spirit shifts towards positive projections from negative, then through the intertwingled entanglement of the quantum hologram, our reality shifts from negative toward the positive.

My spiritual friends and mentors have been telling me for years now that meditative practice, properly designed and executed, can increase my connection to God, Source, Consciousness, whatever you choose to call it.

But while the results have been apparent on more than one occasion, the mechanism has not been clear and it all felt as if something was going on in some unseen realm.  That meant that I needed to conduct the meditation on the basis of faith.  Which is not something a depressive left-brain dominate mind is prone to do.

Waldman's work provides that missing rung on the ladder from depression to enlightenment--tangible, measured results of change in the physical world as a result of meditation.  More importantly, however is a measured change in the brain itself.

From that, it is possible to see that one is doing more than focused breathing and visualization during the morning meditation, that it is equivalent to a trip to the consciousness gym for a work-out that improves the mechanism that interfaces our consciousness with reality the way driving muscle groups to the burn builds our body.

Was it a random coincidence that Smiley's interview of Waldman would be on when the doorbell rang to deliver a reason to turn on the television?

I think not.

Such are the subtle ways with which quantum consciousness provides opportunity in our lives in response to the expressed desire to improve one's lot.

After watching the episode I came to think of the interlude as a gift, something special for Easter that I could share with friends and colleagues.

Happy Easter